Dan The Man has been watching too much World Cup to research and write this week’s trivia post, so here’s a list of random trivia for tonight’s trivia contest.

  • The full name of the Maine man who founded L.L. Bean was Leon Leonwood Bean.
  • In 1995, New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman (R) named a rest stop on I-295 for Howard Stern.
  • M&M’s stands for “Mars & Murrie’s,” the last names of the candy’s founders.
  • Al Capone (right) was in the used furniture business, at least according to his business card. The card listed his occupation as “Second Hand Furniture Dealer.”
  • Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” was written by Shel Silverstein.
  • In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson issued the first Medicare card. The recipient? Harry Truman.
  • Al Gore’s daughter Karenna’s Secret Service code name was Smurfette.
  • Carly Simon’s dad is the “Simon” of Simon & Schuster. He co-founded the publishing company.
  • Ohio’s official state rock song is “Hang on, Sloopy” by The McCoys.
  • Actor Liam Neeson once worked as a forklift operator at the Guinness brewery in Belfast.