The top photo is an example of a vomitorium from ancient Rome, while the bottom photos shows the vomitoriums at Bryant-Denny Stadium at the University of Alabama.

Members of the Sanford Fire Department joined in the trivia fun and spiced up the competition with some heated taunts.

SFD #1 got off to a slow start, scoring just 15 points in the first two rounds, compared to the 24 points posted by SFD #2. But SFD #1 had the last laugh, going on to finish the final two rounds in 3rd place with 66 points. Meanwhile SFD #2 scored a meager 21 points over the final two rounds.

Under the Radar and Dirty Dixies won the free rounds of beer.

Trivial tidbits from the night included:

  • A funambulist is better known as a tight rope walker.
  • A vomitorium is an opening in a stadium or theater which allows large numbers of people to enter or leave.
  • The first Little League game took place on June 6, 1939. Lundy Lumber defeated Lycoming Dairy, 23-8, in the very first Little League game. The date was June 6, 1939. Despite the opening day loss, Lycoming Dairy went on to win the league championship.


  1. Under the Radar – 113 points
  2. Dirty Dixies – 111
  3. Chasin’ Trivia – 101
  4. Dude Where’s My Answer? – 84
  5. Squelch – 81
  6. Sanford Fire Department #1 – 81
  7. Hoof-Hearted – 79
  8. The Amigos – 72
  9. Simple Minded – 60
  10. Sanford Fire Department #2 – 45
  11. Sponge Worthy – 31
  12. Team Flower Power Friendship – 23