Despite the complaints about the college fight songs, most teams were able to identify at least 7 songs and post good scores during the first week of competition. And as predicted, the Gator fans were treated to repeated blasts of “Yea Alabama,” as my beloved Crimson Tide rolled over the Gators in the SEC Championship Game.

The Dirty Dixies picked up were they left off last month and sit atop the leaderboard with a 14.5 point lead. Chasin’ Trivia is in second place after a strong showing, and Platonic Platypi (pictured above) are close behind in third.

The Dirty Dixies won both rounds of beer.

Trivial tidbits from the night included:

  • On average 315 weddings occur each day in Las Vegas.
  • The average human flatulent emission releases about 3.5 ounces of gas.
  • According to the U.S. government’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, 1,979 people went to the ER last year with a BRI – Bagel Related Injury.


  1. Dirty Dixies – 112.5 points
  2. Chasin’ Trivia – 98
  3. Platonic Platypi – 92
  4. Wayne’s World – 87
  5. That’s What She Said – 84
  6. Low Expectations – 83
  7. The No Names – 32