Gilligans IslandThe Hero or Zero question continues to shake up the standings as the Dirty Dixies went from worst to first in the standings.

Five teams wagered 20 points on the Hero or Zero question, the category of which was classic TV sitcoms. Every team missed the question except for the Dirty Dixies, who knew that the Professor’s real name on Gilligan’s Island was Roy Hinkley. The Dixies picked up 12.5 points, while Empty Glasses, Clever Team Name, Chasin’ Trivia, Wayne’s World and Don @ the Bar lost 20 points on the question.

Empty Glasses, usually one of the top teams, is now in 6th place, but given the topsy-turvy nature of the Hero or Zero question no team is out of the running for the title just yet.

Wayne’s World and Dirty Dixies won the beer rounds during the night.

Trivial tidbits from the night included:

  • Deion Sanders is the only person to play in a World Series and and Super Bowl.
  • Josephine Cochrane gained fame in 1886 by inventing the dishwasher.
  • in 1984, Toyota was the first Japanese automaker to introduce the minivan to the U.S. market.


  1. Dirty Dixies – 147.5 points
  2. Clever Team Name – 146
  3. Guys & Dolls – 141
  4. Wayne’s World – 132
  5. Chasin’ Trivia – 129
  6. Empty Glasses – 120
  7. Simple Minded – 72
  8. Team Mas – 58
  9. Don @ the Bar – 34
  10. Team Larry – 14