The first week of October’s Quiz Cash contest opened with a three-way tie atop the leaderboard. It appears this month’s trivia battle will be tightly contested.

After calculating the Facebook bonus points, defending champions Jammie Dodgers is locked in first place with former champions the Dirty Dixies and the Empty Glasses (formerly Filtration. Separation. Solution.). Chasin’ Trivia is right behind that trio with 81 points, with Guys & Dolls within striking distance with 66 points.

The Jammie Dodgers and Empty Glasses each won a free round of beer.

Trivial tidbits from the night included:

  • Aerosmith’s hit “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” was inspired by Vince Neil of Motley Crüe.
  • Karachi is the primary transportation hub for Pakistan.
  • Brett Favre is the only quarterback to beat all 32 teams in the NFL.
  • The world’s largest cupcake was baked in Boca Raton as part of a fund-raiser for Breast Cancer research. It weighed 596.47 kilograms or 1,315.2 pounds.


  • Jammie Dodgers – 87 points
  • Empty Glasses – 87
  • Dirty Dixies – 87
  • Chasin’ Trivia – 81
  • Guys & Dolls – 67
  • Sign Language – 42