80swomenIt’s 80s night at the Black Swan. Come decked out in 80s fashion and earn 1 bonus points for your team. What is 80s fashion? Pastels, stone washed jeans, Members Only jackets, big hair, Swatch watches, Izoid shirts with the collar turned up. You get the picture. Make an effort, and I’ll be lenient.

Each team can earn up to 2 bonus points for their team.

As for clues, here’s some random 80s trivia:

  • President Ronald Reagan always kept a jar of jelly beans on his desk in the Oval Office.
  • Sean Penn played Jeff Spicoli, the burnout in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
  • America’s top golfer between 1985 and 1989 was Curtis Strange.
  • On the TV show “Cheers,” Gary’s Old Time Tavern played numerous practical jokes on the Cheers gang.
  • Princess Grace died in a car crash near Monte Carlo in 1982.
  • MacGyver’s first name was Angus.
  • Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus of Milli Vanilli had their Grammy Award revoked in 1989 after it was revealed studio performers — not the duo — recorded the vocals on their albums. Morvan and Pilatus lip synced the songs during “live” performances.
  • In 1984, Tipper Gore and three other women founded the Parent Music Resource Center [PMRC], an organization that favored censorship to fight what they considered offense lyrics in music. The group eventually convinced the major record companies to voluntarily put “Parental Advisory” labels — known as “Tipper Stickers” — on albums that contained explicit lyrics.
  • In Super Bowl XX, Chicago Bears Quarterback Jim McMahon became the first QB in NFL history to rush for two touchdowns in a Super Bowl.
  • Speaking of the Bears, they had a hit music video with “Super Bowl Shuffle” as the team finished the 1985 season with an 18-1 record that included a Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots.