Wednesday night saw a big swing in the standings as Filtration. Separation. Solution. had a monster final round. The team racked up 45 points while the average score for the other teams was 25 points.

Jammie Dodgers, slipped from 1st to 2nd place, 13 points behind the leaders, while Chasin’ Trivia slipped from 2nd to 4th but still remains in contention. The Dirty Dixies, leapfrogged Chasin’ Trivia to take over 3rd place.

I am John Gault had a solid night, finishing in 3rd place for the music round, as well as finishing in 3rd for the second set.

Filtration. Separation. Solution. won two free rounds of beer during the night.

Trivial tidbits from the night included:

  • The first Beatle to score a No. 1 hit after the group’s breakup was George Harrison with “My Sweet Lord.”
  • La Paz, Bolivia, not Dublin, Ireland, has and airport named for John F. Kennedy.
  • The Southern-most state capital in the United States is Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran earned the nickname “Hands of Stone” (Manos de Piedra).


  1. Filtration. Separation. Solution. – 187 points
  2. Jammie Dodgers – 174
  3. Dirty Dixies – 169
  4. Chasin’ Trivia – 166
  5. Zoinks! – 154
  6. I am John Gault – 139
  7. Guys & Dolls – 129
  8. Golden Girls Tribute Band (Solo Act) – 115
  9. We Suck – 57
  10. I Have an Embarrassing Rash – 23