Body On TapThe 1970s were a strange time for marketing products. Take Body On Tap, for instance. It was shampoo made with 1/3 real beer. I guess the beer was good for your hair.

Alan Taplow was the purchasing manager for the health and beauty aids division of Bristol-Myers, the company that introduced Body On Tap in 1978. He has an interesting post about the shampoo and the beer used to make it on his Web site.

Taplow reveals that Budweiser beer was used in shampoo, though it was denatured so it wouldn’t be taxed as alcohol. Bristol-Myers really wanted to play up the Budweiser connection, but the president of Anheuser-Busch, Auggie Busch, quickly axed that idea. According to Taplow, Busch fervently believed beer was made to drink, not pour on your head.

Bristol-Myers stopped making Body On Tap and eventually sold the name to another company. Online you can find a shampoo called Body On Tap, but according to Taplow, there is no beer in the product.