Master Legend, right, with his former sidekick The Ace. Photograph by Stefan Ruiz for Rolling Stone
Master Legend, right, with his former sidekick The Ace. Photograph by Stefan Ruiz for Rolling Stone

Central Floridians, are you tired of soaring crime rates? Are the forces of evil getting you down? Not to worry! There’s a real life superhero in our midst — Master Legend.


Rolling Stone published a piece on people across the country who assume the persona of a superhero. The article focused on Master Legend, an Orlando resident who patrols the local streets in his Nissan pick-up [aka the Battle Truck] fighting crime and protecting the underprivileged.

Master Legend is listed on the World Superhero Registry and has his own MySpace page complete with a video explaining the origin of his superheroness.

Unlike Batman’s alter ego, the billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne, or Superman’s industrious journalist Clark Kent, Master Legend’s civilian persona [which he declined to reveal to Rolling Stone] is not blessed with the advantages of class status. For one thing Master Legend is unemployed. For another, he’s being evicted from the run-down house in Pine Hills that serves as his “secret hide-out.”

But who needs a job or a permanent place to live when you have the Master Blaster? The six-foot cannon is fueled by deodorant aerosol spray cans and fires plastic Easter eggs filled with cayenne pepper and rock salt. Then there’s Master Legend’s patented No Mercy Punch.

“One place you don’t want to be is on the receiving end of the No Mercy Punch!” Master Legend told Rolling Stone reporter Joshua Bearman.

Master Legend even has a sidekick, The Ace. Or at least he used to until the two had an argument and split ways. The Ace’s departure was a double whammy for Master Legend because The Ace took his drum set, effectively breaking up the band “Justice Force.”

“[Master Legend is] wicked on the strings,” The Ace told Rolling Stone before the split. “There’s not a Steely Dan song that me and him can’t play.”

Now that you know a little about Master Legend, how well do you know some more famous superheros? Most are familiar with the Green Hornet, Wonder Woman and The Flash. What were their civilian identities?