A nice crowd showed up for trivia Wednesday night, and an old champion regained its form.

Squelch scored well in both trivia matches, winning the free round of beer in each round and finishing the night with 94 points. That’s enough to put the team in the lead after the first week of the Quiz Cash contest.

But three teams are nipping at Squelch’s heels and two others are within easy striking distance. It appears teams are no longer intimidated by 2-time champion Squelch and plan to mount a spirited campaign to claim the $150 cash prize.

Among the more interesting tidbits from the night:

April Quiz Cash standings:

  1. Squelch – 94 points
  2. Outsiders – 90 points
  3. Hot Sauce – 90 points
  4. Suck It Trebek – 83 points
  5. Benjamin Linus and the Workmen – 77 points
  6. Guys & Dolls – 74 points
  7. Chicago or Bust – 54 points
  8. April Drools – 36 points
  9. Going John Galt – 23 points