Suck It Trebek

A good crowd turned out for trivia last night, and one team  passed an important milestone.

Suck It Trebek posted a sub-par opening round, but stormed back. The team dominated the music round and correctly answered 9 out of 10 answers in the final round of the night to earn a free round of beer — the team’s first.

Wednesday night also saw the race for the $150 monthly Quiz Cash prize tighten up. Four teams are within 8 points of the lead with 1 week remaining, meaning next week’s trivia game should be exciting.

Some of the more interesting trivial tidbits from Wednesday night included:

  • British author Ian Fleming became a best-selling author in the U.S. after President John F. Kennedy listed “From Russia with Love” among his favorites books.
  • President Ronald Reagan appointed Colin Powell as his National Security Advisor in 1987.
  • The Navy awards the Tiffany Cross for non-combat heroism.


    1. Flying Hellfish – 268 points
    2. Hot Sauce – 267 points
    2. Squelch – 267 points
    3. The Outsiders – 260 points
    4. Suck It Trebek – 247 points
    5. Guys & Dolls – 204 points
    6. Sail Pointe Rock Kickers – 188 points
    7. Empty Kronenbourgs – 148 points
    8. Bannafish – 74 points