Hot Sauce grabbed 84 points in Wednesday's contest and now sits atop the leader board with 250 points with just one week remaining in the Quiz Cash contest.

A number of teams braved the frigid weather to make it out for Week 3 of the Quiz Cash contest. And while it was cold outside, the competition is heating up inside at the Black Swan.

Squelch has looked invincible from the outset, and the team appeared to have the $150 prize locked up. But a strong performance by Hot Sauce, combined with an unusually poor outing from Squelch has jumbled the leader board.

Hot Sauce jumped two positions to claim the top spot and now has a 3 point lead on Squelch. The Outsiders — who moved inside Wednesday night because of the frosty temperatures — climbed one spot to 3rd place.

The Count Blackulas were down to a single Count as most of the team was AWOL. Still, the “team” managed to post a respectable score for the night. The Count Blackulas have yo-yoed from 4th place in Week 1 to 2nd Place in Week 2 and now back down to 4th in Week 3. 

Bi-Sexual Assault Rifle posted another solid score in Week 3 and remains in 5th place. Likewise, Sail Pointe continues its steady performance and holds down 6th place.

Next week is the Cash-Out, as one team will walk away with $150 and the honor of winning the inaugural Quiz Cash contest. The standings are close and several teams have a legitimate shot at the prize. The Trivia Tart — fresh from her wedding — will be on stage next week to crown the winner.


1. Hot Sauce — 250

2. Squelch — 247

3. The Outsiders — 228

4. The Count Blackulas — 224

5. Bi-Sexual Assault Rifle — 204

6. Sail Point — 189

7. Loose Cannons — 87

8. Energetic Ink — 80

9. Snacks on the Dashboard — 75

10. Simmer Up — 67

11. No Clue — 58

12. Sofa Kingdom — 53

13. The Kronenbourgs — 50

14. Blowing Bubbles — 47

15. Bravo Co. — 45

16. Guys $ Dolls — 43

17. 4 Guys and a Pizza — 41

18. Jamie’s Junkies — 35

19. The Stobos — 24

20. Spud Noggins — 22

21. Time Wounds All Heels — 20