text-message-cartoonEmilee Cox must have the strongest thumbs in America. The 14-year-old Orlando girl sends and receives thousands of text messages a month. In June 2008, she sent and received more than 35,000 messages.

 “i don’t like talking on the phone so i’d prefer texting people,” Emilee told the Orlando Sentinel in a — what else — text message. [The full text message interview with Orlando Sentinel reporter Etan Horowitz]

A California teen has received a lot of press recently because she used 14,528 text messages in a month. Clearly she’s under-achieving. [“Text-Aholic”, “California Teen Texts Too Much and “Teenager Sends Over 14,000 Text Messages in One Month”]

Horowitz reports that a representative from Sprint confirmed that Emilee sent and received 35,463 messages in June. That works out to 1,182 messages a day, or about 74 messages and hour if she sleeps 8 hours a day. The spokeswoman said the average Sprint customer sends and receives about 268 messages each month.

The folks at Nielsen say that teens between the age of 13 and 17 average about 1,742 messages per month. A breakdown of the average text usage by age groups:

  • All age groups combined — 357 texts per month
  • Age 12 & under — 428
  • Ages 13-18 — 1,742
  • Ages 18-24 — 790
  • Ages 25-34 — 331
  • Ages 35-44 — 236
  • Ages 45-54 — 128
  • Ages 55-64 — 38
  • Ages 65+ — 14

[Source: Nielsen: Text messaging tops mobile phone calling]

In an earlier post [“Dirty little secret about text messages,” Dec. 28, 2008], I wrote that the $15 or $20 a month fee for unlimited texting was almost entirely profit for the wireless companies. I’d say Emilee is getting her — or her parents — money’s worth.

BTW, transl8it.com is a cool Web site that allows you to type a phrase or sentence in English and have it translated into text lingo and vice versa.